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About Motus Energy

Work area

Coaching in human subtle energy management


Everyone is on the move and is constantly developing.


Motus Energy’s mission is to take the other person one step further in his/her development. Everyone does this themselves and determines when he or she is ready. Coaching is the guidance that is needed at the right time to get moving easier. Once one is on the move, it is important to stay with your intuition, so that you develop yourself further.


Through my empathy and creative abilities, Motus Energy provides clarification, so that every seed with the right nutrition and good soil can develop and use its full potential.

Right to exist

In an ever-changing world, it is important that people and organizations continue to develop in order to stay balanced. The need for balance for people and organizations is of all times. The future only needs more self-development because the changes will follow at an ever-increasing pace and more and more people will have trouble keeping up with this pace. Due to a growing sense of meaning or need for purpose, more and more people will be willing to invest in themselves. It’s important to pay attention to yourself, to be able to stay healthy.

Achievements for clients and organizations

  • Learn how you can stand independently in your own strength.

  • Learn how everything is connected in this world.

  • Learn how to make good use of your energy and how to maintain it.

Norms, values ​​and beliefs

  • Motus Energy takes a holistic approach, meaning that everything is connected in this world. 

  • Motus Energy takes an energetic approach, which means that everything consists of energy. To achieve balance in the world it is important that everyone makes good use of their own energy. 

  • Motus Energy endorses the idea that everything consists of love.

  • Motus Energy uses various coaching techniques depending on the need of the client, including affirmations, visualizations, emotional freedom technics, kinesiology, systemic coaching, grounding, energy cleaning and the enneagram.



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