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My story

When I look back… I already made a lot of big choices by using my intuition. I studied mathematics because it felt good. I started working at ORTEC because it felt good. I job rotated to the department Business Development because it felt good. And each time when I started a study about coaching or energy it felt good to learn more about these topics. Because it was learning and understanding more about myself.

These choices where made from my heart, but in general I had difficulty to use my intuition. A lot of decisions I made were carefully calculated as a true mathematician has learned to do. This cost a lot of time and energy. More than the heart needs to make its choice. And to quote my squash trainer: “Your mind is not able to calculate all options in the time you have. The world is too complex for that. Your intuition can make these choices faster.”

The coach education that I finished in 2013 gave me a lot of inside about what happens behind the scenes of a person. I learned technics to understand another person better. I learned a lot about myself because each technic was practiced also on me by fellow students. Because of that I became aware and did let go of:

  • Emotional blockades in my body

  • Stuck patterns that were holding me back on the things I wanted to accomplish

  • Convictions that were keeping me from trying new things

  • After letting go, I noticed that more and more:

  • I was aware of my sensory perception.

  • I could use this sensory perception to make decisions, because it was not or less clouded by emotions.

  • I was aware of my first thoughts (intuition) and that my mind was trying to overrule that (because an important function of the mind is to keep you save).

In 2015 I decided to investigate what my goal in life would be. This has been a great journey and is still going on. It unfolds it in more and more detail. One of the changes I made is that I stopped avoiding giving presentations. It took three years, but I overcame my fear. The core in this was that I was afraid to show myself. Afraid to be judged, afraid to make mistakes and afraid to be vulnerable.

To take this step, it gave me so much. So much pleasure, so much freedom and new knowledge to share.

Where coaching and mathematics become together…

            a whole new world starts…


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